Coach on someone else...

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  1. Yesterday I was in long line at the Starbucks and there were THREE people in it with Coach bags :biggrin: I don't know about you, but when I see a bag looking great on someone else, I want it!! Have you ever bought a bag after seeing it modelled real life on someone else?

    One girl had a mff legacy shoulder bag in raspberry, it looked amazing on her I couldn't take my eyes off it. I wouldn't have even considered it before.
  2. Yep! I never wanted a bleecker duffle until I saw one on a girl at the circus! LOL Bought one the next week.
  3. ^^Happens to me all the time. Especially when I see modeling shots on here! LOL
  4. Yes, but I've also had the opposite where I've seen someone looking so badly with a bag that I end up taking it out on the bag and not liking it.
  5. That's how I bought my Large Black Zoe with Brass hardware, I saw so many gorgeous pictures of the Editorial one on Halle Berry over in our Celebrities thread.
  6. :lol:

    I personally prefer not to see a bag that I like on someone else...I tend to look for more unique, less common bags. This can be a challenge with Coach sometimes, but it's possible.
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    Lol at the circus!!

    Yes, modelling shots on here are the same way... they make me think about a bag I hadn't given a 2nd glance to before. I try to keep in mind though that unless I dress nicer, and lose weight, the bag may not look as fantastic on me. For example, a small bag doesn't suit my "frame". :P
  8. I'am the same way.I have to have a bigger bag, not huge.I'm 5ft. and not too thin so I don't like small bags either.(I'm glad I'm not alone)
  9. Hi,
    I see a bag on someone else and I want it!!! Especially here on TPF!!! LOL Coach has taken over!!!! I was at Sephora and saw a woman with the Boxed Up Maggie. I liked the pattern and later got a Boxed Up Madison Carry All! Just waiting for less snow and more sun before I use her!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  10. We seem to always want what we don't have ;)
  11. Today alone I saw 5 Glam Totes - orange sig, black/gray sig and three khaki/tan sigs. Im so happy that so far no one has my black patent one! I like seeing Coach bags on others, but not the bag Im carring! Ive also seen alot of tartan Groovys around lately. That is one pattern I wouldnt mind getting my hands on tho!
  12. YES!! I was working my second job last night (retail fashion) and someone came in with a raspberry op art Maggie and I was lusting after it and I don't even like Maggie. I do however love raspberry op art and want it in a Hailey. But alas I have 2 unsused purses and plan on getting a Kristin ASAP so I can't really justify another purse right now that will go unused.

    But it was such a breath of fresh air to see a beautiful real Coach. I've seen so many hideous fakes come into the store these past few months. And I mean horrible - not the superfakes I keep hearing about.
  13. I don't know that I've liked a MFF that I've seen on someone. Lately I've seen several Maggies, and I have to say they have all been on women 60+. I had no idea that Maggie appealed to that demographic. Friday night I saw someone with a copper Zoe (M) and I was glad I wasn't carrying mine at the same time. Her friend had something that looked MFF. I kept thinking that I recognized the friend and as we were eating I realized that she is a Coach SA. I can't recall if it is boutique or outlet though ~ I think boutique. But then I would have expected her to have a far more fabulous bag.
  14. I was at a job interview Friday and the girl that interviewed before me had on a black signature medium sized duffle. It looked nice with her outfit. I also saw a girl in the parking lot with a black coach leather tote. Perfect for work.

    When they asked the question "what motivates you" I had to stop myself from saying "handbags, I need a job so I can afford my handbag passion"
  15. Legacy Satchel!! I saw some lady at Chick Fil A with it in the whiskey color. I had never seen it before. I ebay searched the minute I got home and have been stalking them ever since. Haven't found the best one yet!