Coach on sale @ Macy's?

  1. Does anyone know if Coach is on sale @ Macy's for the President's Day Sale?
  2. I was just there on Saturday. Their sale had the usual "exclusions" on it - meaning it excludes Coach, Dooney, and other designer brands. Bummer!! I looked around at the purses but nothing really caught my eye. The stuff they had on sale were mostly the holiday patchwork pieces which I was never really crazy about.
  3. I was just there yesterday and no, Coach isn't on sale for their President's Day sale. The only time I've seen Coach on sale at Macy's was for their friends and family sale in like December.
  4. This is an interesting thread. Now I can stop worrying about if Macy's has Coach on sale, sounds like they rarely do. :tpfrox:
  5. Well, they have items on sale just not a Coach inventory wide sale. I just picked up the Bleecker patchwork tote and wallet for 50% off.

    But, if you were referring to coupons, then no the only one that includes Coach is Friends & Family or the discount when you open a credit account.
  6. Macy's and Lord & Taylor have some select items for 30% off. Both had patchwork pouches. L&T had some wristlets. Macy's had some wallets and key chains.
  7. They had a few Coach bags 30%-40% off at the Macy's beverly center in CA.
  8. Same in my mall in denver - a few items were 30 -40% off, but as usual nothing was clearly marked and the SA were all over the place. I skipped out and went to the boutique
  9. Around Mother's Day last year Macy's had the Friends and Family sale where you can get 20% off of Coach.
  10. Today they had some Patchwork on sale 50% off and other styles 25% off. Not all of Coach just some older styles.
  11. I never find Coach on sale. I am in Maryland so the best bet for me would be to make a day trip to the outlet area.

    However, I was at Macy's today and they are now carrying Coach shoes there! Yay! My feet are all Coachy-licious now :smile: