Coach on Sale at Nordstrom's

  1. :tup:I was just at the Nordstrom's on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and they had tons of Legacy Leather bags on sale (whiskey Gigi's, whiskey Leigh's, black Leigh's and black shoulder flaps). The Gigi's and Leigh's were on sale for about $435 and the shoulder flap was on sale for about $350. Great deals! And they were all is excellent condition!:tup:

  2. :nuts:LEIGH!
  3. I want me a Leigh. I must go check them out.
  4. Oh oh. Gonna have to run up to Nordies soon!
  5. Nordstrom Rack in San Jose/Saratoga CA has quite few small leather light tan Coach bags for $99.They also had black satin coach clutches .Also had a few very large canvas signature(?luggage) totes, a few i-pod covers etc..
  6. I was at Nordstroms in Mission Viejo (the shops at Mission Viejo) today and they had just put several Coach bags on sale. The SA said they just got marked down this morning. (949) 364-1771. :tup: