Coach on

  1. I just received an emial this am that Coach is now available on

    i haven't checked out the selection yet or read the fine print.

    i wonder if that means we could use such beauties as ******.

    happy shopping:yahoo:
  2. i saw that yesterday when i was ordering stuff from macy's! made me happy!
    there isn't much- a lot of the patchwork stuff right now, a few wallets. but maybe the selection will grow?
  3. Just saw my email..and yeah its a small least now...but it looks like Macy's and Coach worked together on the website.
  4. Wow! Thanks for the information!
  5. Limited amount of stuff, but at least it's something!
  6. Our Macy*s has a somewhat larger selection in-store... its good to know we can now order online. Our Macy*s is about a 45 mins. drive from us...
  7. I just read my email too.
  8. I'm so excited!! Now if only the Macys stores in my area will start to carry it!
  9. Ooooooh!
  10. Yes i saw that yesterday while browsing the site, nothing much yet though. Maybe they will stock more in the future.
  11. cool, I wondered why it wasn't before.
  12. I don't think coach would LET Macy's put it on their website...they wanted to be the only online seller available. I wonder if they'll start putting them on now....I know Nordy's always has coach in the monthly catalog I get..
  13. Remember everyone- you can get 6% Cash Back from ****** when you shop from Macy's, and that of course includes Coach merchandise!

    We're also launching a big 4 hour promotion on November 27th from 11am-3pm (PST) and the Cash Back will be even higher!!

    Let me know if you have any questions!
  14. Try waiting until Nov. 27th to get extra Cash Back in our Cyber Monday Promo!! 11am-3pm (PST)