Coach on ebay

  1. Can anyone recommend ebay sellers who you know for certain sell authentic Coach items?
  2. I don't know how to copy the link to the thread...but there is another thread on this...if you use the search function and search for "reputable ebay sellers" you should find it. The thread includes a list of authentic sellers.
  3. Just saw you're from Walnut Creek...I lived there until February. I miss my coach store there!!!!! Heck...and Macy's and Nordy's! And all of downtown Walnut Creek in general!
  4. Thanks abandonded!
  5. Thanks! And yes, I love the shopping in WC!

  6. I know "handbagheadquarters" is legit...I get you some more..I have alist somewhere....:heart: Emmy
  7. I sell legit items. But I only have a couple of bags a month on there (I have a couple on there now), my mom and girlfriend snag most of them up. ebay id is mtnbiker1220