Coach on ebay real?

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  1. Hello Everyone I am new to the forum... but I am in LOVE with Coach!!! Anyway, I am looking into buying the large brown carly and was looking on eBay, i was just looking for opinions. How many of the bags on eBay do you really think are real? I mean their so much cheaper so I would be able to buy 2 bags for the same price as 1... but I DO NOT want to spend $200 or more on a fake!

    Thanks for any help!! :smile:
  2. Just make sure you post pictures of the purse you are planning to buy and have it authenticated. Otherwise you might get a fake from eBay. Welcome to tPF.
  3. Yeah make sure you post the auction link in the Authenticate This thread and we can def. help you out. But without a picture we can't really tell.

    With teh Carlys, there are some really good fakes on ebay then there are some that are soooo fake but still go for over $200.

    So def. do your homework before purchasing..
  4. Welcome Ashley!!! Please make sure you post your ebay link to the authentication thread so the experts there can help you to spot out the fake bags on ebay!
  5. Oh, awesome I had no idea there was a section to do that!!!