Coach on Burrard st, Vancouver store manager

  1. I have been meaning to share this experience once I got back from the store.

    It was last saturday, the store was quite crowded with people doing their christmas shopping, and we were doing just that. My bf found a wallet on display for his sister and asked the SA whether or not they have a new one in the back. The SA had quite a lot on her hands since she was also tending to other customers so she asked the manager standing by whether she could help her look it up.

    Me and my bf were standing right behind her (the manager), which I didnt think she noticed and to my astonishment she said: "I think there are 2 more at the back, but just tell the customer this is the last one." I was so shocked! I never had any complaints in Coach's customer service in every store that I've been too- Vancouver, Chicago, Las Vegas, Seattle- until that day. Fortunately, the SA realized that we might have overheard their conversation and quickly said that she thinks there are new ones at the back and that she would get it ready for us.

    I was very disappointed in the manager's attitude towards the customers. Next time I'm craving for Coach in Vancouver, I'll make a trip to Oakridge mall instead.
  2. wow that sucks, I'm sorry you went thru that.

    You are such a bigger person for not saying anything to the manager.

    Then we wonder where all these SA's get their attitude from.
  3. that is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard! :wtf:
  4. That is horrible! The manager of all people should have more common sense and customer service skills than that!

    I've worked in retail management and I would never do that. Good sales and excellent customer service is their job, ugh.
  5. Now why would she be the bigger person for not saying anything to the manager? This isn't some catty comment that she didn't respond to, she was getting poor service, which is this person's job. I probably would have tapped her on the shoulder and said, "excuse me, but I don't think you meant for me to hear that, did you?" Her credibility is zero, and she should be told that. She just lost a customer for her store.

    Now, if there had been some other customer that made some sort of remark about her, then I would agree about being the "bigger" person, but this situation is different. I have told salespeople before when their behavior is unacceptable, I remind them that they are overhead, and I am profit. (I'm not nasty about it, by the way.)
  6. Yikes! Just as I always say to people, you never know who's listening or who you're talking to really. I would've said something just so the manager knows that I heard it.
  7. i mean, i think that is absolutely ridiculous.
    i'm an SA, not at a coach store, but at a retail clothing store. [hollister co.]
    i always try to go above and beyond to help customers.
    my managers do so, too. especially since its the holiday season.
    i've, more often than once, had my managers come up to me and say,
    "you did a great job today. 3 customers searched me out and told me you helped them alot."
    i don't get anything extra for it, but it feels good and i like being nice. :yes:
  8. You would think that they would want to sell as much as possible. I wonder how many other people she has done that to. Shes just hurting the company.
  9. how rude!!! :wtf: I would have turned around and said something!!! :boxing:
  10. You know, there IS something you can do about this issue. I've worked retail (as I'm sure some other people on tPF have or are currently working) just as an SA, never a manager. This being said, I've also done an inernship at Disney World working at Splash Mountain, and was there during one of the busiest times - Easter. From that experience and retail experience, I've learned quite a bit.

    First off, if that was the Store Manager, s/he could get reprimanded big time. All you'd have to do is get the information to call the District Manager. There is absolutely NO reason for the SM to have said that - whether it be in front of customers on the floor, in their break room, or in the back room. That's teaching SA's wrong as well as setting a very bad example for the brand. What if other people could have heard that?

    I am so sorry that you had to go through that. There's no reason for that. A little bit of customer service goes a long way - all the SA or SM would have had to do is kindly explain that they are with other customers and they will go in the back for the wallet as soon as they possibly can.
  11. i find the canadian stores have worse service then in the USA somehow
  12. How rude! I would have cleared my throat to get her attention. Then I would have let her know that her rudeness & unprofessionalism would be reported to Corporate. And I wouldn't have made my purchase at that store, but that's just me!

    I certainly understand though that sometimes when people do something like that it can catch you off guard, because you're so surprised by their behavior. But they need to know that they are busted.

    Hopefully, the rest of her staff will use their brains and not follow her lead the next time she wants them to do something else stupid!
  13. This is actually the store that I shop at. I am shocked. Are you sure that this was actually the head manager. That store has quite a few lower level managers and I have found that the quality of their customer service has been quite questionable at times. The head manager, though, has always been wonderful in her interactions with me and has always gone above and beyond to help me in every way possible. I am curious to know who it was that exhibited that kind of behaviour. Now as for the Oakridge store, that is another story. The manager there is both rude and pompous which is why I refuse to shop there.
  14. It didnt quite sink in at the time, it is as if I'm hearing stuff that I'm not supposed to hear- a conversation that is supposedly happening at the store room or somewhere else where the customers arent around. And since the SA resolved the issue, I just let it off.

    The SA mentioned she was the manager but I'm not sure exactly what level. I've never met the manager of the Oakridge's store but the SA are always very friendly and helpful, like other Coach's store on a 'normal day' hehe :biggrin:
  15. Wow! This is sad to hear.... I was just at this same store on Sunday and had a great experience... even managed to get my info taken down for PCE and the girl who helped me was GREAT and very professional. However, I went to meet my friend in Tiffanys and told her about my experience, so she went to have a quick peek herself but she got TERRIBLE service. They were rude to her and not ver helpful at all. I find it so weird how different they acted in the span of 20 mins! I even told the SA when I was inquiring about PCE that I tend to buy my Coach bags in the states for various reasons... I think I'll now add service to that list as well!
    Sorry for your bad experience!