Coach OCTOBER Babies!!!! It's OUR turn!!!! HAPPY BDAY TO US!!!

  1. IT'S OUR TURN!!! :yahoo: COME JOIN THE PARTY!!! :party: Who is an October baby, what day is your bday, and WHICH Coach are you getting or buying for your bday???
    My bday is this coming Friday, October 6th, and I already received EARLY bday presents!!!! I got the Chelsea black/white zip around wallet style #40804, to match my Chelsea hobo from my hubby and my kids, and my mom bought me a Coach Soho swingpack in mahogany (chocolate brown YUMMY!!!!) leather for when I go someplace icky w/ the kids and dont want to take Chelsea w/ me!!!! My hubby told me the wallet is ONLY part of my bday gift and he couldnt wait to give it to me, so I got it this past Thursday! He SAYS the other part(s) of my bday present are NON ...we'll see!!!! LOLOL...cant wait to hear from some more October babies!!!!
  2. OCTOBER 24TH!!! I'm gonna be 18, FINALLY!!!!!
    As for what Coach I'm getting...hmm...I dont have one bag in mind that i absolutely MUST have. Although, that little rhinestone bow cellphone charm is TOO cute and I MUST have it! I know I'm for sure going to get a new bag though I'm just undecided on which one.
  3. Happy B-day to you all!!:party:
  4. Happy Birthday girls!!!!! Hope you all have a very Coach Birthday!!:woohoo:
  5. Happy Birthday.
  6. My Birthday is OCTOBER 31 and i have no idea which bag to get yet! I'll have to see what's coming up next :smile:
  7. My birthday is October 15th. And I want the signature stripe accordion wallet in black/gunmetal. So cute... Happy Birthday to all of us October babies!
  8. Happy birthday to all of your October babies!! I'm not an October baby, but I've got 4 of my preschoolers having birthdays on the 3rd, 29, 30, and 31st. *lol* Got a lot of birthday crowns to make!!
  9. aw... mine is the 3rd wednesday I'm definitly getting the tattersall wristlet & the boyfriend hoop earrings in silver to match my ring!happy bday 2 us!!!
  10. Happy Birthday to all! And I wish you love & happiness for your heart and Coach for your shoulder! Enjoy!
  11. Mine is October 6th, I am going away for 3 days as my present. There are two coach outlets and a Full price store coincidently on the way. I am going to a small outer island called Santa Maria Island near Longboat Key for those of you that know Florida, It is on the gulf coast. It is a small cottage attached to a Bed and Breakfast right on the gulf, I picture 3 lovely days of shell finding with an outlet bag, lol
  12. It's so funny that all of us got or are getting SOME kind of Coach for our bday's!!!! It's a GIVEN w/ us Coach girls!!! :roflmfao:
  13. My bday is October 25!!! I am getting a large khaki/saddle Carly! Finally!!!

    Happy Bday to all October girls!! :party::drinkup::tispy:
  14. Happy B-Day Everyone!!!!!:yahoo::balloon:
  15. My birthday is the 30th. I will probably get the magenta bleeker or who knows. I change my mind daily. Happy Birthday to all.:love: