Coach Ocelot question

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  1. Does anyone know what all colors(besides lilac) that this style Coach ocelot wristet was sold in? Thanks!

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  2. maybe i'm mistaken...but i thought that particular style was only in lilac and pink, and then they came out with the red/ocelot style...
  3. I just bought one on ebay and the top is white. It looks totally authentic, but I've never seen one in white. :sad2:

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  4. The one you posted is part of the first haircalf collection of Coach from early 2005/late 2004. It came like the one posted, and also in a pink/purple boucle style as well.
  5. *shrugs* i am probably wrong...i didn't keep up to much w/the ocelot, not really my thing.
  6. I edited my post above. So it's called haircalf? Do you think the one I bought(in white that I pictured above) is on the up and up? Looks totally real.

    Oh- and sorry I posted this in the wrong area. I'm a dolt- it's my first day. I'll catch on quickly, though.
  7. I never saw the white before the catalog, online etc. I think you're best bet is to call coach and check with them.
  8. Good idea. Thanks!
  9. Did the seller say that it is white on top? Because on my computer I see a hint of lilac and I was thinking maybe the flash reflected off of it but then again I could be wrong.

    I'm 100% sure there was never ocelot with white though
  10. :worried:

    I called Coach and they said I would have to bring it into a store for them to know. No, the seller didn't say in the description, but I was assuming it might be the flash. The seller has also not emailed me back regarding shipping info. :evil:

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  11. I don't remember any white with the that bag. I have the lilac one from the store. I see a lot of fake Coach bags around. The fakes have some funky stuff going on with the patchwork bags. Good luck.
  12. Perhaps the flash made it look white, but the series was definitely lilac with the haircalf (that is just the material it is made out of, I tend to describe things in that manner). If it comes to you and it's white, then I would send it back to them, because I never saw a white one (and I work at Coach part-time).
  13. She wrote back and it's not white- it was the flash. Whew!!
    Thanks for the help!
  14. 0o0o0o, fun, i got a COACH wristlet off eBay yesterday sorta like the one you're looking at... but its like a white vintage looking one... will post up pics when i get it.... :smile: does yours hold lots of stuff???
  15. Haven't received it yet, but I didn't have any ocelot in my collection and felt I needed something. I usually carry bigger bags so I can fit my Coach wallet in them.
    Looking forward to seeing your find!
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