Coach now sold on Evine

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  1. I might be behind the loop - but is everyone aware Coach is now sold on the Evine shopping channel?
  2. #2 Jun 5, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2016
    Oh, isn't that just lovely? Especially for full price.

    The Christie - it doesn't give any style numbers or any photo except for a single stock photo, is twice the price of what NWT Christies are going for on Ebay, $400 versus an average of around $160-170. So it must have already been on the FOS sales for somewhere around $120-$130 more or less.

    The Morgan Satchel - same thing, they're flogging them NWT on Ebay at about a half of what the "original MSRP" line on the Factory Store price tag shows, and we all know how accurate those are. The Evine price a generous 50 bucks off the the phony FS "retail price" :graucho:

    The Mini Christie is described as Pebbled Leather but it looks like Crossgrain to me, which I think isn't nearly as nice as the real Pebbled leather, which I don't think was ever even available on the Mini Christie. Also available NTW on Ebay for about half or less of the Evine price.

    Looks like they bought a few pallets from some big-lot reseller. And all made in the Philippines too.

    ETA - the phone number listed as the "distributor" for anyone who wants warranty info on the watches is for a "private" non-pub number in the LA area. I never like it when what's supposed to be a business has a non-pub number. And it says "one year DISTRIBUTOR warranty", not Factory or Manufacturer. The $215 gold with orange face Womans Tristen watch at Evine seems to be about $140-150 at Ebay

    I'm not saying there's anything shady going on, just that you're definitely not buying anything directly from Coach or any of their retail partners.
  3. Fishy feeling about this. What company doesn't have a phone number to contact them?!
  4. That's why I think it's some large-volume reseller that buys discontinued items by the pallet-load. If it was a private party doing the selling, I'd tell a potential buyer asking about the items to hit the Back button.

    Of course, it wouldn't be the first time that some big US retail or discount source was sold a truckload of fakes. :biggrin:
  5. Sad to think about how many fakes are out there!
  6. They used to sell FOS items on MyHabit, which was owned by Amazon. Their prices were also insanely high yet they were selling out.
  7. It's not surprising that a lot of people don't know about the FOS, but surprising that they don't check the outlet stores. Maybe they live in places where there isn't one close by.

    What else surprised me about those Evine listings is that the watches are all described as having movements made in China. Maybe whoever was writing the descriptions just got lazy and didn't bother to check, but it used to be that Movado made all of C0ach's watches, and the movements were Swiss. Has that changed since the last time I bought one of their watches? Which had to be at least 5 years ago.
  8. No, you're right. I remember Kate posting she has bought watches recently and said they were made by Movado.