Coach now available online at Nordies!

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  1. Thanks so much for the info,angfento! I was wondering when they would start to sell Coach. I the Coach bags ever go on sale at Nordies???
  2. That's good to know...thanks!!
  3. I've seen plently of Coach bags on sale at the Towson, MD Nordies.
  4. they have always sold Coach just not online before....yes they do go on sale but it is controlled by Coach as to when they go on sale. If I'm wrong on that please let me know.
  5. Most all Nordstrom stores carry Coach - they now have them available online (there were not available for purchase online before today).

    They do have occasional sales but the bags go fast!
  6. Yah sorry I should've clarified online at Nordies now!
  7. I needed another reason to shop at Nordstrom online! :push:

    Kidding - it's awesome!
  8. My local Nordstrom has always had a decent selection of Coach. Several times a year they put out the big tables and pile all the markdown bags there. Usually there is a lot of Coach on those tables, but not a great selection. I just want to jump on one of those big tables and roll around in the bags, but that would surely result in a lifetime ban from Nordies:shame:.
  9. Yeah, I'm just happy they sell them online now!! Alas, I have no local Nordies, no local Coach outlets or stores. :sad:
  10. Good to know. Thanks.
  11. Cool!

    Dillards, Macys and now Nordies for on line stores. That really helps a Montana gal like me. :yahoo: