Coach Nightmare

  1. I had a horrible dream that I forgot my purse at the restaurant and when I came back to get it, somebody had stolen the wallet out of it! The dream scared me straight out of bed. Now I feel like my dream is telling me or "warning" me something... Am I just overthinking? :shrugs: Has this happen to you ladies before!?!
  2. No...I tell my bf that I use really expensive purses as a security measure because that way I'll be more protective over it...haha I know thats a stretch. I wouldn't worry...but you could always use a purse that goes across your body for a little while (swingpack or duffle) until you stop thinking about the nightmare :smile:
  3. Yeah I've heard most dreams are like premonitions of what's to come in your life. That's not the case in all dreams/nightmares though none of my greatest dreams have come true yet. LOL (I'm still waiting). But to make you feel comfortable you could always do what Lisa suggested or just your purse in your lap at restuarants..that's what I do, but remember to put a napkin on top just in case you get kinda messy w/ your food, you wouldn't want anything on your purse.
  4. the things that we see in our dreams are symbols and does have meanings. and doesn't necessarily mean that those things will happen. they just represent a different meaning. :yes:

    To see a wallet in your dream, symbolizes financial resources or self-identification.

    To dream that your wallet has been stolen, indicates that someone may be trying to take advantage of you.

    To dream that you lost your wallet, suggests that you need to be more cautious and careful about your spending and finances. You need to be more responsible with your money. Alternatively, it indicates that you are losing touch with your true identity.
  5. whoa thats cool haha
    i agree with twisted its usually a meaning
    not whats gonig to happen
    but you never know
  6. i had a coach nightmare the day after christmas last year. i had just gotten the holiday patchwork demi and i was totally excited over it, and that night i had a dream that someone stole it and stole everything in it. when i woke up i was happy to know that my purse was just a few feet away. no one has ever stolen anything from me nor have i lost any of my purses or things in them. i wouldnt worry too much
  7. Thanks for the comments shroom765, ohhMRmagazine, Pursefanatic85, lisa5912 :yes: , makes me feel a little more at ease now....

    And jeez Twisted, that's totally eerie, I have been spending a lot of money lately (maybe over my limit...) haha! Are you a dream interpreter? Where did you get this info...totally awesome!!!
  8. d c - oh how i wish i am a dream interpreter. lol. there's just tons of dreams (mine) that i want to know what they mean. i found this site (Dream Moods A-Z Dream Dictionay), and whenever i have a dream - say like the highlight of the dream, i search what that object or place, etc means. and the interpretation is usually correct.
  9. Thanks Twisted... i really appreciate it :yahoo: haha
  10. no problem. glad to help someone ;)