Coach night at work : )

  1. Thought you ladies might appreciate this-- I work nights in Labor and Delivery so by 3am we're usually getting a little silly. I went into a patients room that was sleeping to adjust some monitors. In the shadows I could sense a disturbance in the force- actually it was a Sig stripe tote in Crimson! It was so dark in the room and I really wanted to check out the bag a little closer but didn't want to wake up the pt. So I went out to the desk and was telling everyone about the gorgeous bag. They know I'm a little crazy about Coach :rolleyes:
    Then at 5:30am our c-section patients arrive. Pt #1 was carrying a pear sig hobo style bag. Of course I had to compliment her on her bag! Then pt #2 arrives and I say "another Coach!!" She had a brown sig shoulder tote. So pretty! She was laughing that I was so excited about her bag and that I knew what it was called- she said it was a gift and she had no idea what style it was. Shame, shame :p
    Slowly I'm corrupting my entire unit! I got a few people to buy bags during PCE and got others interested in checking out what Coach has to offer :yahoo:
  2. haha! That's too funny! You know, when you're in the hospital, it doensn't mean you've to to forfeit style!
  3. lol that's funny.
  4. lol too cute!
  5. I notice my pt's and visitors bags all the time. Only thing I saw last night was a fake LV mono speedy and a goach-type disaster. It's alright just about every morning I drool over my co-worker's katy tote :heart:
  6. I am so glad to know that once I get out of nursing school I wont have to say bye bye to style. I figure if I have to wear scrubs for an insane amount of hours a week when I am not in them I am going to look good.
  7. In the shadows I could sense a disturbance in the force- actually it was a Sig stripe tote in Crimson!

  8. i work nights on antepartum, mom/baby, and nursery and i have a group of friends that are coach-a-holics with me. we are always checking out each others bags and other new coach stuff. another nurse commented one night that when we are together its like we are speaking our own language!! we can name any bag that comes into our unit. it is quite hilarious.
  9. Girl! That's how I justify buying my bags! I figure I don't have to spend money on real clothes for work- I haven't bought new scrubs in forever (I do need some new ones...). However, a gorgeous Choc Carly or Turquoise Ergo always looks great with my scrubs on the way into work, too!
  10. No way! A hot bag even makes scrubs look good lol. I have totally fantasized about getting something LV damier azur ( a noe or saleya) to go with my navy scrubs! I wish LOL.
  11. Same here I spend hardly anything on clothes and my wardrobe is so casual I can get the nice bags! Love it!
  12. Some people think I am crazy right now for getting these bags (and my shoes). They are all like "you will live in scrubs after school so whats the point?" I always say back to them that since I dont have dress up for work I want to when I am not there which means I do NEED the bags and shoes.

    I am so glad to hear that other nurses feel the same way.
  13. Always carry a hot bag while wearing your scrubs!!! As you know you are only in them 3 nights a week.

  14. ITA:tup:
  15. Yeah they also think I am crazy for the type of nursing I want to do (critical care or ER). I figure with all the stress etc my Coach will work as a distresser.