Coach newbie needs help with shoe sizing!

  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm new to coach and was wondering if the ballet flats run true to size? I'm hoping to get a pair from the new legacy line but I have absolutely no experience with coach shoes. Any help? Thanks darls! :love:
  2. I tried on a pair of denim patchwork flats in my regular size of 7.5 but they were alittle big so I have to go a 7. Too bad they didn't have them in that size.
  3. and i had the opposite problem with their flats: i had to go 1/2 a size up. but maybe it's because i have a wider foot?
  4. I think they are fairly true to size...I usually wear a 9 and my coach shoes are 8.5 or 9s. I did get one pair in 9.5....but its because they didn't have the 9 and they were do good of a deal to pass up. I just put a foot petals cushion in the back and it snugged it up.

    Oh and I have pretty wide feet.
  5. i have a pair of tennis shoes in a 7.5, my usual size....but a tad bit too big.
  6. Gosh. Looks like the sizing is a bit tricky for coach shoes!
  7. As much as I love (and buy and wear) Coach shoes, I would have to agree.

    I used to be able to buy w/o trying on, until I bought some loafers that are just too damn big. What's really annoying is that they don't *feel* like they are too big until I wear them for more than about an hour or so. I think the leather must be stretching more than usual, because by the end of the morning, they are falling off my feet.

    Also, the seams on the inner sides between the front and rear heel linings sticks up more than any other pair I own, and rubbed raw bloody blisters on my feet the first full day I wore them (note to self: never again try out brand new shoes on a full walking day in DC!). Some carefully applied moleskin has fixed that problem, but I'm still trying to figure out how I can keep wearing them, other than with big thick winter trouser socks (which might just be the only option left).

    That said, every other pair of Coach shoes I've bought (heels, flats, loafers, sneakers) have fit and worn beautifully, including the new embossed leather Stacie loafers I just got this week. Mmmmm.
  8. Wow...I never buy shoes without trying on...except Zappos ordered stuff which I've been known to send back. And try "footpetals" for your big shoes....they have ones you can put in the heel that help grab your foot...thats what I used with my pumps that are too can get them from Nordstroms.
  9. Yikes...sizing can be hard...I would suggest making the trekk to the store to try them on:sad:
  10. Unfortunately they do not have a Coach boutique in Melbourne sweetie... I'm relying on you girls to get the right size as I'll be ordering them via phone. Sigh. Help anyone?
  11. If you are ordering heels, order your normal size--if you are going to order flats, maybe go 1/2 size down--this is what I have found with Coach shoes, and I have probably six or seven pairs of their shoes.
  12. yeah, i think most flats run almost a little big (or else they stretch out easier). i know that i, in heels, go up a size because there is nothing worse than too-small heels.
    and if somethign is a little big, you can always find a way to make them smaller. it's harder to make small shoes bigger. you know what i mean?
    and maybe coach would be willing to pay for shipping back on shoes that don't fit? order a few pairs and then return the others?
  13. Thanks for the tip sweetie. Well I guess I'll go 1/2 a size down... =) I'm thinking of getting the Agenda because it's just so darn pretty! What do you girls reckon?