Coach Newbie here!!

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  1. Ok so I have been doing some research for the past few weeks as to what kinda bag I was going to get and what prices I should expect to pay. I looked on Ebay and really couldn't find anything that really stood out to me. So tonight I went to our local Coach Factory store here in Las Vegas and I bought a signature lunch tote model 10659.....I will attach a pic please let me know if I got a good deal on this....and how much it would normally go for.

  2. What did you pay for it?
  3. hmm not sure of the price but the bag is really cute tho:yes:
  4. I paid 160.00 with tax.
  5. Super cute! And I do believe that is cheaper than what they were at the outlet the other day... they had black, navy and the khaki I think... sounds like a good deal anyways! Congrats on your purchase :drool:
  6. ty! I just love it....I know it wont be my last coach purchase lol....the hubby wasn't to happy that I spent that much on a purse but he just doesn't understand.
  7. Put your wallet in a safe then... once you start coming here you're doomed! :lol: We all support eachother but we also all enable eachother and as you already said, it won't be your last (or most expensive) purse you will buy from Coach! It is like drugs, I swear! Well, I don't swear because I've never done drugs but you know what I mean!
  8. lol I am already addicted....I have done so much research....I can spot a fake one now lol before I wouldn't have known the difference :smile:
  9. I think any COACH bag that is not a pouch under 200.00 is a great deal... Welcome and I hope that you have fun here with all the gals and gents.
  10. Well our coach factory store had just about every bag under 200!!!! I love Vegas!
  11. Welcome to tpf and Coach! As others have already said, this is a dangerous place!
  12. Welcome to the forum and congrats on the bag, it's great!
  13. welcome to tpf!!!! you dont know what you are in for!!! lol
  14. AIN'T THAT THE TRUTH!!:lol:
  15. Lol I can already say that I got to courage to buy this bag just from reading this forum so I know it can be dangerous for my bank acct but I just love it here.