Coach Newbie here~seeking advice

  1. Any advise that all of you experienced Coach Lovers can offer to a newbie?
    As far as I am aware there are no Coach outlets in Arizona :confused1: . I have been purusing EBAY but, how safe is that to know if it is real or not? What should I be looking for if it is on EBAY?

    I bought my 1st Coach leather bag used at a high class 2nd hand store for 35.00. But, now that I have had a 'taste' I want more. But honestly cannot afford the dept store pricing. If anyone has one to offer for sale that you might like to consider parting with please let me know as I may be interested.

  2. well, we're not allowed to see on here unless via the marketplace.
    ebay is good, if you know what you're looking for. look for multiple pictures (no stock pics) of the creed (and top, bottom, sides,etc).
    we have a very good thread used for verifying authenticity. before you buy, let us see and we can give our input.
    as for eba
  3. Attention, this is a long one....
    Did you hap pen pick up an older style? If you do research, it is quite possible to get one at a reasonable price. I have bought and sold Coach on ebay ufor years. I am not a dealer, just a purse lover who doesn't have enough room, so I often sell mine. I get bored, or decide it was a stupid purchase and put it up on ebay, very slightly used. There are a lot of people like htat. But don't expect to see a brand new thing for really cheap. People will go to the outlet and sell them on ebay for 30-40 percent more. However, they are honest and established sellers. You have to be very careful of what is known as factory seconds. NO such thing. They are the fakes people sell as factory wholesale or factory seconds. Do NOT buy off of, whatever you do. There might be some honest sellers, but since you're new, I advise against it. Go to a store and really study the ones you like. Then loook at what they offer on ebay. That's where research comes in. You almost will never find a brand new Coach bag for 100 dollars. Maybe a store return, which will have been handled. Five years ago, it was possible to get absolutely wonderful things, but people have gotten greedy.You can always put the item you have a question about on authenticate this thread. Good luck!
  4. Quite simply, if you find something on ebay that you like and think is real, post it in the Authenticate This! thread and we'll tell you for sure.