Coach NEW releases UPDATE!!!

  1. Ok so I went back to the Coach store today to get more info about what I mentioned before in the other thread:

    May: Carly in canvas w/chocolate C's on it. Like the dress in the fragrance section of the website. Will come in demi, large and med carly, a carryall type bag and another I forgot. Accessories will be a wristlet, multi function wallet and a sig slim wallet (will look like a legacy slim wallet w/the turnlock)

    June: Patchwork in denim/indigo and khaki. Will come in ergo style hobos - two sizes, a tote (like the ergo), pouch, swing pack and another I forgot. Accessories will be a med and large size zip around wallet (think french purse size and reg accordian wallet).

    And this was all I could remember. Hope this helped you out some!

    Ergo bags & accessories are in store now as are the carly canvas bags in pear/cognac (make sure to enlarge image on website to see actual material, they are not solid white) and the matching zip around wallet and the carly wristlets,..........which are so super cute and tiny!!
  2. [​IMG]

    this is the print for the carly bags!
  3. Cool.....thanks!!
  4. i think that may be my new carly!!! too bad i cant get the dress...
  5. yeah I def want that carly, the wristlet and the matching wallet. Gotta wait for PCE in June though! The med carly is going to be $368 and the wallet will be $248 (I think). EXPENSIVE!!
  6. ooooooh so cute! Do you know how much the demi is going to be? Will it come in the top handle pouch?
  7. spacytracy, thanks for the info on the Patchwork!! :yahoo:

    I thought there wasn't going to be a PCE in June... :confused1:
  8. i really wish that they had a carly wristlet in gold because i would get that in a heartbeat...but this is making up for it, i love that canvas!!!
  9. from the coach thingy macy's sends out...


  10. Thanks kallison! CUUUTTE! I love the big C's for some reason - that carly is super cute.
  11. oh yeah forgot to add the carly was going to be in denim signature as well. OOPS!!
  12. WOW that is soooooo SICK! err cool I mean. hehe sorry for the lingo. OMG I love both the brown C's and the denim C's. That's something I'd get in both colors. I CANNOT WAIT! What's the prices on them???
  13. large carly (10795)...$428
    wristlet (40563)...$98
    small carly (10793)...228
    pouch (40526)...$198
    libby sunnies (s466)...$148
    amandah sandals (a3855)...$258
  14. med carly (10794) - $368
  15. oops. sorry. missed that one.