Coach new Denim Signature Stripe Tote

  1. Hi, everyone! Newbie here! LOVE this site and will be joining in alot now that I have found it! I purchased the new signature stripe denim tote 11179 (smaller one) last week at my boutique and LOVE the bag!!!!! I also purchased the matching zip wallet that some ladies were talking about to match the bag! I have been using both for a week now, and there has been NO color rub off, even on light pink t-shirts. The wallet has been fine in the bag with the legacy stripe lining, w/ no rub off on the silky lining as well!!!! After reading some of the posts about this bag I got VERY nervous that I made a bad decision buying it!!! Has anyone else bought this bag and/or wallet and are you happy w/ it? I try not to bring ANY of my Coach bags to restaurants, baseball fields, etc, and sometimes I feel that I am too "careful" w/ them!!! I treat them like a 3rd kid! LOL...Is anyone else like this or should I just GET OVER IT - It's a bag and carry it everywhere I go and move on!!!??? Or do some of you "baby" them as well and leave them home when you go to certain places where they could possibly get stained???? HELP!!!!

    I do have to admit I have my eye on that new Chocolate Carly though!!!!
  2. I plan on getting this tote this weekend and maybe the wallet, but I don't really have any worried about the rub off I tend to wear darker clothes anyways.

    Post some pictures I'd love to see more pics of this great bag!

    I treat my bags like that too. But sometimes I forget they are Coach and put them here and there then I freak out. LOL
  3. Hi Mommyville! Welcome to the Purse Forum. These ladies (and gents too if you are here...) really know their stuff and everyone is soo nice. :yes:

    I know how you feel about babying your bags - I am the same way. :rolleyes:

    Your tote is a gorgeous bag - I just saw them in the stores - enjoy it! I love to buy the matching wallets too... just makes a happy little family.

    Enjoy your new stuff!
  4. I'm buying it today! i think it's lovely. i'm glad to hear you haven't had any rub off!
  5. Thanks so much everyone! I am sooooo excited about this purchase, even though it's been a week! I thought of you all today b/c I took my kids for PIZZA and left my tote (and matching wallet) IN MY CAR covered w/ a white towel so it wouldnt get STAINED!!! LOL... HRIMALIV...Let me know when you get yours!
  6. IHEARTCOACH let me know when you get yours too! You REALLY are going to love this bag! I will try to post more pics! I usually wear dark clothing, but I REALLY wanted to make sure I woudnt have color rub off, so I have been wearing lighter colors and white all week! I love the tote style b/c I NEVER zip my bags...I'm bad w/ that...I know I should but it's such a pain....I LOVE the dogleash clip though :smile: Happy shopping and cant wait to hear how much you love it!
  7. I got the bag for a B-day gift and LOVE it.......No problems with color transfer!! Have fun with your bag and on tPF!!
  8. I bought the tote and the matching wallet as well. I have only worn it once, but so far, so good! No color transfer and I love how it sits on my shoulder; I was a bit hesitent at first because the shoulder straps looked like they would bite into my shoulder but the bag is comfortable to wear.

    Welcome to TPF!
  9. Anyone else own this beautiful tote? Would LOVE to hear if you love it!!!!
  10. bought it today! I LOVE THIS BAG!
    i filled it up and it holds all my stuff and it is just so lovely! i'm posting about it in a minute :smile:
  11. Congrats! It's such a GREAT bag!!! Enjoy it and I am awaiting your post about it!
  12. Thanks I def. will. If I end up getting it. I might see something else! LOL

    But I really love it. Not sure what size I want though. Like that one you have seems a bit small for me but teh BIG one seems too big. i'll have to try them on!

    I will def. let you know. I am going to the new Coach store on Sunday! Woot!