Coach needs to get it together...

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  1. In my search for the perfect summer bag I found something fabulous that I would love. I emailed cs and they said that it has no release date but is available to order. I phoned them and said that I would like it in the silver.... she tells me that it only comes in lilac or black. (see the photo below... it's not lilac). So I think that this lady was out to lunch and phone back again to talk to another rep.... and she tells me that it's not available at all.. unless you live in Japan. I said that I saw it on the china website. She says no Japan, there is no china site!? I told her that it was at the bottome of the USA site. She says that it doesn't matter because if it's not on the US site it's not available to order. I explained to her the email and that I had also just ordered a bag that was never released in the US. (camel patent audrey). She says that it was an accident and that I shouldn't have been able to order it.

    UGH! I'm so frustrated. See the photo attatched... does it look lilac???

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  2. lol,,, every time i call JAX about the embroidered audrey they say something different!!!!!
  3. maybe it is lilac but looks silver on my monitor?
  4. Looks silver to me, as well....
  5. Looks silver or platinum to me.

    If you check Lord and Taylor or Macy's you'll see that some of the Peytons were released in this color. Particularly the open top tote. Department store exclusive.
  6. well I emailed customer service again and they said that it IS available to order and it's actually silver/ light gold. I am going to try and order this tomorrow. Does anybody kow if there is a problem with ordering in an item and using a store credit?
  7. no, no problem, i did it today!!! good luck!!!
  8. you did??? did you order the embroidered audrey!
  9. YES!!!!!! I DID!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  10. Are you still getting the Audrey?
  11. I'm not sure. I love audrey but really need a functional tote like bag for summer/work/life. The audrey I adore for days off but I really need a bag that I can swing over my shoulder and have out of the way sometimes. I may still get the embroidered audrey. We'll see how happy I am with this when it comes in. I do really love my camel audrey. Maybe is my credit card gives me money back for my theft:sad:
    This bag is really my style.. it will go with everything in my summer wardrobe. I think that the charm that came on the inlaid peyton will look awesome on this bag too.
  12. That will look HOT!!!!! I do love the charm on that peyton, good luck;)
  13. I've seen the silver you're talking about, only in the tote style. It's not shown on the coach site(for the silver tote). I've seen it on the Nordstroms site. also, weird thing is, they call it sv/light gold. The hardware is silver, leather light gold...go figure.
  14. does the leather look gold in person? it sure looks silver in the drilldown...
  15. That bag is silver and really lovely..