Coach Nancye Boots, anyone own them?

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  1. These actually look like the kind of boots I'm looking for. Would you wear them with dresses and skirts? In other words do you think you can dress them up? Also does anyone know if they've got any 25% off coupons coming out soon?
  2. I definitely think you could wear them with dresses and skirts, they are a very versatile boot imo! I'd love to know if there are any coupons as well...would def help me take the plunge!!
  3. Me too, plus I have a $100 credit so in my book that makes them free-almost!
  4. I'm getting them!...I've been waiting for Friends and Family.
    I called them a while back to check the boot shaft height and they said its 20 inches.
  5. i don't own them, but thought i should say sometimes Coach runs a bit small for me
  6. Oh, when is it? I think I must have these!! :smile:
  7. klj, please post pics when you have them!
  8. I ordered these, got them today and returned them...
    Got them in black..they are really nice..well made..comfortable. However, the front part that come up in a V hit me right under/at my kneecap so that every time I walked it wanted to push my kneecap up and down..very uncomfortable. I was really sad to have to return them. They are about 20 inches or so in shaft height and I'm 5'3 with a bit longer legs for a short girl.:smile:
  9. ^^Aww, that stinks! I am sorry to hear they did not work out for you klj. Would you say they run TTS? I am 5'6ish" so I am guessing hopefully I'd be okay with the shaft height?!
  10. ^ Yes, scoobie..I think they are TTS :yes::flowers: