Coach Multicolor Houndstooth Satchel like a librarian on acid? What do you say?

  1. Hello:

    I'm new; my name's Emma and I'd like to know what people who know Coach think about the multicolor houndstooth satchel.

    I'm a bit turned off by the purple flower affixed on the purse, and it seems to me that Coach could/should do better.

    On the other hand, I WANT this bag!

    Is it so bad that I just can't look away? Should I look away?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. could you post a picture of it?
  3. i responded in the other thread...
    but i like it. it doesn't scream "coach", which is cool.
    but i honestly don't think it's worth the money, especially since it's at marshall's/tj maxx right now. maybe when it hits massive clearance...
  4. I didn't even know you could get it a TJ Maxx or Marshall's. I saw it on eBay and had an ambivalent reaction to it.

    I don't like logos much on accesories... people who know what they are looking at know what you're carrying anyway. So, part of the reason I thought this was compelling is precisely the fact that it doesn't scream COACH.

    (Probably the fact that I'm in my twenties and the self-ironic look of this purse matches my current mood, didn't hurt either).

    Thanks for all the answers; I'll try to post a pic later.
  5. I think that is the one she was talking about (hehe, that's my posting).

    I believe those types of bags really need to fit your personality. Everyone I know that had been with me when I looked at them were immediately turned off by the looks of the bag. They called it a "grandma bag". I guess I could see that, some 80-something carrying around her satchel. However, that's exactly the kind of girl I am. I love an older look. The colors remind me of something straight out of the 60's.

    If it's a bag that you think you'll use, I say go for it. I've been looking for one for a few months now, but I'm being very careful with my shopping around. Some places are still so darn expensive.
  6. CoachKatie,

    What IS a fair price for it? In your estimation, is $149 too steep for this bag?
  7. I love the shape of it. I have the similiar one in purple signature. It's a great bag but like Katie said it needs to fit your personality. :flowers:
  8. It really depends on what is fair to you. I'm really in no rush to get one, if you take time and watch auctions on Ebay, you can generally get the bag you really want for a decent price. If you have $149 available to you... I say go for it if you want one right now.