Coach Multi Stripe Signature *CAUGHT* on Cell Camera!

  1. Once again my sister turned my phone into a spy phone:graucho: (since hers doesn't have a camera on it- LOL) when we were out again tonight (naturally like most people thinking we were going to win some money because of 7-07-07...:lol: no such luck!) Well anyway, we were walking around and spotted a woman with this Coach bag, which I have never seen in person, so she snapped this shot of of course I don't know if it's authentic or not but it looked real to us...maybe whoever has it can tell??:confused1:

  2. It looks like a real one to me!!
  3. That's so cute! It looks real 2 me!!
  4. It looks real to me.
  5. I have that bag. It looks real to me *shrugs*
  6. See, I think it looks fake. C's are NOT centered in the center, and the straps look too wide. JMHO though.
  7. I was thinking the same thing about those straps...then I noticed after she took the picture and enlarged it I noticed the way the C's looked at the bottom...I was like now I don't know:confused1:...I don't have this bag so I was thinking maybe someone who does can give us a definite answer...
  8. its fake,it looks fishy IMO those C's the straps are wierd
  9. Here's a pic of my black and white Sig Stripe tote for comparison:


    C's are centered, and notice how thin the straps are.
  10. Also another thing that now just jumps to my mind and screams FAKE is that when the stripe cuts through the Cs, if you were to take that stripe away, the C's would align on the top and bottom.

    Here's a pic of the multi-function tote for reference:

  11. ^^ good point! I also thought the straps were too wide and also realized wow, as much as I see these in the boutiques I've NEVER actually seen anyone carrying one of these IRL! Weird!
  12. ^^^Excellent's official..It's A FAKE!!:nogood:

    oh well, I guess now anyone who wants a real one will know what to watch out for!:yes:
  13. You girls are too funny! Now Im going to be keeping my eye out for all of your secret photos!:tup:
  14. Thanks ranskimmie! We just have a HUGE love for bags and like seeing other women with the same taste we have :yes: But it's always that one bag we see that we just have to get a picture of!:graucho: Thank goodness for cell phone cameras!
  15. wow that is definetly fake. wow nice work nancy drew heheh! keep those cell phone pictures coming i love them!