Coach Multi-Stripe or Signature Stripe (Punch) Flats?

Mar 26, 2007
Raiding PBC's closet... shh!
I can't order these shoes from Coach because they're ridiculous and offer them as department store only products-- a WHOLE DIFFERENT TOPIC that really makes me mad.

Point is, I MUST HAVE THESE! I'd prefer the multi-stripe flats but would settle for the punch stripe signature flats.... where can I get these? Have you guys seen them? What's the price? I wear a 10.5 or 11 in Coach shoes...

Help a sistah out... must add to my single-pair Coach shoe collection! :tender: :girlsigh:


5 lbs off, 25 to go!
Mar 19, 2007
Watch eBay! I see A LOT of Coach shoes in those sizes there, almost always brand new. You might have to be kind of persistent in looking for them regularly, but I'll bet it'll pay off!

Come to think of it, I think I did see the multi-stripe flat sandals there a few days ago. I wish I had known then that you were looking for them, but they're bound to pop up again! This pair may not have even been the right size, I don't remember...but they are out there.

- TwoSirius