Coach mug! I want one!!!

  1. hey,,i have this..i bought at yahoo auction japan :heart:
  2. how much did u pay?
  3. about 2000yen= USD 18
  4. ^^ Nice! Do you use it? I would be scared to break it.
  5. yuck it's going for 30 bucks :sad: lucky girl getting it for 18!
  6. The only time I use a mug is for the times I get a craving for hot chocolate... and I want my hot chocolate in that!! *lol*

    Too bad I don't drink coffee and work in an office. I'd love to have that mug just because I know my friends would be like, "friggin' Maya..." and they'd laugh. *lol*
  7. omg that is so cute!
  8. I love that mug!! It is soooo awesome!!
  9. that mug is so pretty, especially since its in purple!!
  10. Yeah that is awesome. If I bought that they would tease me so bad at home and work.
  11. OMG if superstar doesn't want it, I sure do!!!! :smile:
  12. The original auction posted ships worldwide.... And there are two available. :smile:
  13. It is super cute, but I know that my hubby would tease me to no end if I bought that...and he works in the same office as me so he would definitely see it if I snuck it into work!