COACH Mufflers!

  1. I know its a little early to be talking about mufflers and winter apparel, but does anyone have a COACH muffler? What do you do when the wool starts balling up? Someone suggested a "shaver" to me once but I havent gotten around to getting one and was wondering if there were different approaches.

    Eye candy! I bought them last year off the website --

  2. V, those are SOOO pretty!! I have no idea what to do when the wool starts building up but man, those are gorgeous!
  3. ^ Thanks Jenny!!
  4. Mine is black wool/cashmere blend. It hasn't started pilling yet. I got it mid season last winter. But if it did I'd use a sweater shaver.
  5. Very CUTE!! I have a black and gray one i got a few years ago but same concept
  6. Those are so cute!
  7. Love the black and gray one, Abandoned! It would go really good with my bag and my new Kyrie shoes (I think they were Kyrie-velcro? They just took them down)! :smile: I have a pink scarf from last year and haven't had any problems with the wool yet, so we'll see! Good luck with yours!