Coach Mods

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  1. Ok we have spoken about this tons of times, but we are ready for seriously getting 2 or so Coach mods.

    We need people who know Coach, want to help this forum, are on tPF often (does not need to be 24-7 at all, just not once every few weeks), and feel they can do the job without having any bias.

    This is just a volunteer position- but we really would like to see some people step up for Coach! You all have been asking, so let's finally do this!

    Also, then we can clean up this subforum- move threads, add proper categories and sticky's, to make this forum a better place.

    So please email me, megs @ (no spaces) with the following info:


    Your name:
    tPF user name:
    Where you live:
    Why you think you would be a good mod:
    Typical hours on tPF:

    Thanks all!!!!
  2. Also, we will pick mods around June 12 or so... give or take
  3. Heya' Megs!
    I would love to be a Coach Mod! Just LMK, I'll be here~!
  4. I have the time right now but shouldn't... I really should be listing. So being a moderator would just enable me to not list my inventory on ebay.
  5. ^^ :roflmfao:

    I'd love to be a mod for the Coach forum since I'm an SA and I LIVE on this forum.... hmmmm... give my fiancee another reason to laugh at me for being on tPF all the time....
  6. we were beginning to think you guys forgot about us! :P
  7. I totally nominate kallison for a mod! She has been here for a long time and she's so nice!
  8. Meee toooo I also nominate Kallison. And oh hey girls how about that ranskimmie chick? Thatd' be cool too!:ninja::greengrin:
  9. YEAH!! Were getting Mod's!!!
  10. Go Kallison! She works so hard on this subforum already! She's the go to gal!
  11. Not that we're voting, but I think kallison and ranskimmie would be perfect as Coach mods!!!
  12. LOL well this probably shouldn't be a "I vote for ...." thread as it'll leave some people feeling like they might not be "popular" enough to be mods, kwim? That's just my .02 though. That way everybody who wants to be a mod feels like they've got a fair shot at it, does that seem fair to y'all? *hides*
  13. Kallison would be perfect!!! :yes:
  14. I can promise, it's no popularity contest! :biggrin:
  15. Come on, swanky, everyone knows how popular YOU are ;)

    WHERE did you get that cheerleader icon???