Coach models face will be on a bag

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  1. It never occured to me that I should post this, but last month my SA was showing me some pics on her computer of new stuff thats coming. We were talking about the new C's and how we didnt like them. Then she showed me a tote looking bag with the face of one of the Coach models on it. We agreed that it was not our style, but she explained that she thinks Coach is branching out a little to try to attract a younger customer base.
    There was no way I could have taken a pic, as it was on her computer screen. From what i remember, it was like a newsprint picture of her face, black and white, almost digitalized looking.
    A little odd. Just thought I'd share.
  2. Wow. Just wow. :shocked:
  3. coach is definitely making some choices with their brand that I'm not a fan of.
  4. This whole "younger looking coach" business is just really turning me off from them......and I only recently got turned on :tdown:
  5. All I have to say is yuck. I would not buy a bag with a photo of a Coach model on it.
  6. I was originally attracted to Coach for their classic, clean, simple bags... the kind that will never go out of style. Coach is becoming more and more trendy these days. And the face bag reminded me more of a Steve Madden tote or something... idunno. I'm just not sure where they are trying to go with it? To the dusty bottom shevles of the outlet???
  7. Neither would I. That's kinda creepy. Thank goodness I love leather bags.
  8. eww i hope they dont intend on charing more than like $10 for that b/c thats all i would pay for it.. hmm maybe if it was my face id pay more lol
  9. Why... just... ???... WHY???
  10. A face...? I don't care if it's Giselle, I'm probably not buying it.

    Maybe they got the idea from the Victoria's Secret SUPERMODEL tote bags that I saw everywhere on my college campus last year...
  11. Rofl, exactly!
  12. Gross...

  13. Haha that's exactly what I thought of! I have one of those! lol :rolleyes:
  14. I'm unenthused. Seriously. After I get my denim Ergo Hobo and possibly this Zoe Bleecker Hobo, I'm going straight leather.
  15. thanks for sharing that info! sounds interesting...