Coach Misses

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  1. I missed out on the Zoe Clutch in Ebony. Sadness.:sad:
  2.'s not on the site anymore?
  3. The pink and brown scarf print. And I could have bought one of the last medium totes, but I didn't. Wah. Now they are almost impossible to find.

  4. A lot of stores should still have that clutch..

    But I NEEEEDD the gold wave tote, ughhh.
  5. It's still on the site, but when I called the 800 number, they show negative stock in the Ebony.
  6. The closest store that shows a stock is in New York, I'm in Maryland.
  7. You can do a phone order!

  8. Really? I'll try.
  9. I know what you mean!! I NEED the pink wave wristlet! I totallly LOVED that line.. :sad: and now its really hard to find the wristlet..
  10. i want something, ANYTHING, with poppy...
  11. FYI kallison.....i was in the gilroy calif outlet this weekend and they had the demi and a tote, (of some type), in the poppy against white...leather i think
  12. yeah, i've heard a few people say they've seen some...but i'm just not willing to pay retail for it at this point...though i REALLY want the white leather tote
  13. I believe the white poppy totes are 20% off the factory price right now at the outlets. I saw them this past weekend, but do not remember how much they were. They were on a table not far from the clearance so that will probably be their next stop.
  14. Yes, but you can't get the discount if you do a charge send from an outlet. They charge you the original retail price. :sad:
  15. Oh - I didn't realize that.