Coach Miranda Owners...Talk to Me!

  1. Hi!

    I just ordered the bag in black tonight at my local boutique after lusting after it for weeks. I can't wait for it to arrive and I'm sure I'll love it.

    Need to know: How do you like your Miranda? Do you find it heavy? How often do you carry it? Does it bother you because it is more of a satchel than a shoulder bag? How does it compare to carrying a Mandy, if you own one?

    I'm a big bag chick and love to pack my Coach babies full of stuff...I must be compensating for something...petite with an oversized bag...LOL.

    Anyway, I'd love to know what you think of your Miranda. Hopefully, mine will be here by mid-week next week.

  2. I own two Mirandas one in the coveted Bordeaux and the other in Black. The bordeaux is sitting under my christmas tree waiting to be worn. My soon to be husband bought me my Black Miranda back in September and I have to admit, her size and weight were surprising, but I love the bag. I dont' wear it on my shoulder, but in the crook of my arm. I get so many compliments and its a fabulous bag. The weight is outrageous, so if you are not used to thie Mandy, don't bother with the Miranda...she is heavier. I love my Mandy, and that is the bag of my choice this week. I took the Miranda on a plane trip and she held up quiet well. Other then airport security (the women in particular) had to open her up and gawk....Enjoy your bag. But don't be surprised how much heavier she gets when you fill her up....Its pretty crazy how heavy this bag gets.
  3. The weight of the bag is totally worth the beauty! I ordered the Bordeaux before it was even in stores and I am so glad that I did! I, too, am a big bag gal; however, when I carry Miranda it's only the wallet, cell, keys, and lipstick that goes in it. If taking her to work (I work for Coach) I'll add my planner. I think the weight of the Mandy is a little easier to deal with because it's worn on the shoulder. Miranda is one of those bags that you can pull out in 20 years and no one will know that it was purchased in '07....very classy bag. Enjoy!!!!!
  4. I couldn't agree more with both of these statments! I own Miranda in bordeaux and while she's heavy, It's so worth it! It's a classic bag and is one to wear for years to come! I get so many compliments on this bag! Even my 88 year old grandmother commented on what a gorgeous bag it was!!
    I also own a Mandy, but it's really hard to compare the 2 as they are totally different. I have worn Miranda on my shoulder, but only when I was chasing after my 3 year old son at a Children's museum (in hindsight probably not the best bag to use for that situation).
    I think you'll be very happy with Miranda! Hmmm...maybe I'll switch over from my Lily to my Miranda today...I haven't used her in a couple of weeks!! Enjoy your new bag!!
  5. Thanks so much ladies!!!!! I am so excited about my bag.!!!! I just know will love it. I think crook-of-arm bags are so sophisticated.

    I also carry the world in my bags so I'll try to pare down the goods when I carry it.

    Thanks again for the great feedback.
  6. I have it in black and yes it is heavy but as everyone else said, it is worth it. I also work for Coach and my district manager has one in the python print. OMG, it is GORGEOUS!!! Pictures do not do that bag justice!! Congrats on your new bag!!!
  7. i looooovvvve my Miranda, more than Lily to be honest, she is soooo classic, I have the bourdeux, and am sooo tempted to order the black now. she is heavy, but i love large bags, and she is worth it.
  8. Now I REALLY can't wait for FedEx to get here. I received my shipping confirmation yesterday so I'm hoping by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest, my baby will be here!

    You all are the best!
  9. I also have the Miranda in bordeaux and I was very surprised at how heavy she is. I love the bag though....but I tend to use it at times when I am going somewhere were I won't have to walk around with it. This is not the bag you want to tale on an all day shopping trip. I get tons of compliments on her but I am not sure I would purchase her again if I could do it over. The weight does influence how much you use it.
  10. Can we get some modeling pics with Miranda, ladies? I am drooling over this one! :drool: