Coach Mineral Hobo questions

  1. Hi, I'm new...found the site by googling. I'm trying to decide on a first Coach bag. I went into the store and loved the mineral hobo...what a gorgeous color!, but I think it might be too big for me. Any thoughts? Do you think it would look funny on a 5'4 slender person? I was thinking of getting the Soho flap bag and mineral wristlet instead.

    But I'm indecisive! Thoughts?
  2. Welcome! :welcome: I think the mineral hobo would look fine on you! :yes: Did you bring anyone shopping with you? Maybe they could tell you how it looks because really I can't say for sure without seeing it on you.
  3. welcome! that mineral is just beautiful! if you aren't feeling the size of the hobo, did you look at the satchel? I have the satchel in parchment and I am very petite as well. I think it looks beautiful on me!

    Good luck with your decision, and please post pics!
  4. Hi There, mamatoani!

    Welcome to the forum! I have the Mineral hobo and I LOVE it. I am 5'3" and small too and I think the size is great. I also have the Chelsea nubuc satchel from last year and that looks nice too... nothing overpowering. (I have the Soho Large Satchel and I look like I am traveling out of the country every time I use it! LOL)

    I think you will love either. It's such a beautiful color. :yes:

    Good Luck and enjoy your purchase!
  5. I have the same size hobo in signature black its the large one. Im 5'8 and it looks like a small carly on me.I think you will love it, if it was me though. I would get the satchel though in mineral its a beauty!