Coach mimicking Tano?

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  1. Hmmm besides the very last blue bag with the contrast trim, I don't think any of them look like Tanos?
  2. I see a resemblance! I bet they cost twice as much if not three times!
  3. If they look like Tano's to you I certainly encourage you to tell everyone you know to try a Tano bag! While certainly they aren't for everyone I'm betting a lot of people would be pleasantly surprised by the quality, style, leather, and colors Tano a much lower price point than Coach.

    (And in my hot sports opinion Coach's new line is :blink::thinking::s....again just MY opinion...)
  4. Guess I was a little off... Well, they made me think of Tano anyway.

    And I agree, I would rather go with a Tano at full price than getting one of the ones I think looks like Tano at Coach full price.
  5. Maybe the reason it's not sparking that resemblance is we're use to the jewel tones of Tano's colors.
  6. I see. The bright blue pictured made me notice the resemblance, then I saw the embellishments and thought those looked similar too. But I could be a little off. :shame:
  7. I'm not sure I understand this foray into zippers and the leather trim Coach is trying to pull off...doesn't fit their image to me. I have been less than pleased with what I've seen from them the past few seasons. I had my eye on a Parker Lg Hippe last season, but I've heard quality issues. Would rather spend that $300+ on a Tano and have some left over!
  8. Oh it's okay! Everyone has their own opinions and sees their own resemblances ya know!?

    I think voo might be right... the coach colors are so much more muted and I may have missed the details. And, I agree that the collection shown is kinda meh... I like the slouchy blue and gold bags in the background of the top two pics and the braided? handle on the blue one in the top left is also pretty but I'm not digging the others (thankfully! lol!)

    The bottom two look most like like tanos to me!
  9. If you want me to comment, PM me. Don't want to go into much Coach stuff here, but image changes are common for Coach, and they changed the Parker leather.
  10. Yeah, the bottom 2 are highlighting some of the items on the top shelf in the 1st picture. Personally, I think those 2 look Most like Tano. I thought the braided handle fringed one looks like Linea Pelle, and not sure about the bottom shelves (though I personally like those best to compliment Coach's image).
  11. Oh wow, yeah I see now that the blue one is the same in the two pics.. crazy; they look like such different blues. I like it in the top pic moreso than the bottom pic (darker color). The boxy pockets aren't my fav though.
  12. The one on the bottom left does remind me of my Tano Subtle Thing.
  13. I just looked up some pictures for direct comparison and I thought these were most similar:
    Spring Eternal (just not in the soft leather), Mona Lethal, and Subtle Thing!

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  14. Interesting! Do you own Tano's too?