coach metallic rhyder, yay or nay

Aug 18, 2013
I returned 2 metallic messengers that were defective and stumbled upon the regular metallic rhyder and it was instant love! ! It does sag a bit but i use mine as a mommy bag so i put my flat plastic container of baby wipes in the center so it doesn't sag.


May 3, 2014
I have the Rhyder in Jade!! It is lovely, light and easy to use.... And it can hold tons of stuff, even my soft file with A4 sized paper!!

I've seen the metallic leather as well.... Interesting looking....


Adrift and At Peace
Feb 16, 2009
I'll be honest...I sold mine to a friend after using it twice. Conceptually it seemed like it would be the perfect bag for me, but there were little aspects to it that prevented me from making the leap from "I like it" to "I love it". The biggest one was the top handles - they are narrow and make it difficult to use them for anything other than hand carry. I don't do crook-of-the-arm carrying a lot, but do like having the option.

The other little items that weren't deal breakers, but did kind of annoy me: 1) I wasn't a huge fan of the placement of the shoulder strap hooks - they are down low enough on the sides that it caused a bit more weirdness (nice technical term, huh?) in how the bag laid while on the shoulder than I cared for...and 2) the front pocket kinda puckered out a bit on both sides - I don't know if that's specific to the bronze leather or all Rhyder satchels.

It's a gorgeous bag and my irks with it are admittedly minor and rather petty. It's got great leather, is very roomy, not too heavy, awesome details. I really do like the just wasn't perfect for me. My friend who bought it from me absolutely adores it and uses it everyday. Diff'rent strokes...

I took the money from selling it and bought another Edie (love that dang style) and the robot charm, so winners all around! :biggrin:
Aug 18, 2013
I have the same problems with how it hangs. I've noticed though that if I'm carrying it pretty stuffed with snacks and wipes for my kids it looks a lot nicer. It will strictly be a mommy bag because of this. It just looks a bit funny when it carries only my things because i pack very little. I love the color so much though and the shoulder strap is very comfortable so it's a keeper for me. The messenger style is pretty too but just didn't work out for me.


Sep 15, 2014
I got my Rhyder in violet today and I LOVE it!! As for the sagging, I just but the base shaper for my LV Speedy 30 in there and that took care of the problem!


Mar 18, 2012
I also saw in the store and loved the look but just couldn't justify the 650. It was the larger. The metallic made me curious as to how it wold hold up


Jan 3, 2008
just got the rhyder 24 in gunmetal yesterday, gonna buy the robot key fob to use a bag charm now =)


May 17, 2014
New England
hi all,

just wanted to get some opinions on this bag...

medium sized (495.00 if that helps) rhyder in metallic leather...


I have this medium metallic Rhyder and just love it. It's a great size, holds a lot, and the leather is beautiful. Also, I'm not seeing any "sag." I say, "go for it!" :P