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  1. I have just bought a new purse today with my mom!:biggrin: I got a coach metallic pleated hobo and she got the signature beaded eleven tote. The metallic pleated hobo is absolutely gorgeous and better than the pic I think. It is a little lighter than what the picture shows. I recieved an invitation for a 25% discount so I was just going to take my mom so she can get her bag for christmas but I ended up buying myself something too :shame:. There was also a black in my bag and I was trying to decide between metallic or black at the store. Even though I did decide on the metallic I would like to hear what you guys think!

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  2. i've thought the pleated hobo was really beautiful ever since i saw it in Lucky like 4 months ago - great choice, pictures don't do it justice. it's a great shape, very versitile and classic.
  3. Coach bags are cute! I like em'!
  4. Ohhhh I LOVEEEEE the pleated style of this bag! Eeeeee! You are so lucky! I love the metallic shine of the gold .. even though I'm scared that metallics sometimes seem overly flashy, it didn't seem so in this case! I think the black camouflages the beautiful pleats and was somewhat boring, so I'd vote for the gold :smile:
  5. This gold is not flashy at all! It is very light but has that shimmer. I was trying different color outfits with it :shame: and it just made my whole outfit POP b/c of it!
  6. I would have gone with the gold metallic bag too, it is sooo in at the mo .

    Can I ask what the retail was - I may get one , it just soooo cute !!
  7. The retail price is $458 for the metallic and $358 for the solid black. LIke I said, I had this coach invitation with a 25% coupon so I ended up paying $350 or so. That's why I couldn't give it up.

    I walked in the store not knowing what I wanted or if I was going to get anything except for my mom but the pleated bag just blew me away....
  8. I already saw it a few mnths ago. Its very pretty.
  9. :idea:I like the pic of the BR white kempton you have there. I ordered one in black a week ago! Should come soon...can't wait!
  10. glad u got the metallic one.. one of my girls has one too and it's so pretty! i love the way it hangs.
  11. The hobo is really nice! Although I like metallic in small doses, I think this one is subtle (or looks muted). Have fun with it!
  12. Thanks everyone for their comments! I hope I will enjoy it too:love:
  13. Yeah I had 2 whole threads dedicated to it. I plan on getting the white one before they run out. Post pics after u get yours.
  14. The gold pleated is gorgeous! I want one!
  15. I have the bag! I will post this weekend all the pics but I have finals this week so I can't...but yet I'm posting and not studying...hmmm:amuse:
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