coach merchandise card

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  1. hello recently i got some presents from a couple of my friends but they were all coach bags so i returned them and got coach merchandise credit, i really want some dooney and bourke bags i saw at woodbury commons, they are alot of credits, 2 are a little over 300 and 1 is 866 dollars i was wondering is it safe to sell on ebay i hear alot of bad stories i am paypal certified and i have a 99% positive feedback from ebay but i am scared can somebody help me on what to do thanks
  2. you can sell them, as long as you don't give any info (the numbers) on the cards until the buyer has paid.
  3. well thing is, theres a problem with that. you can wait until payment is received to send the cards. but also the buyer can claim that the cards were fake, empty, or whatever scam they can come up with and try to reclaim their money. not only would you lose by sending them the cards of the gifts redeemed but you would also lose money out of your own pocket.

    i would say you just keep onto them or maybe give them away as gifts.
  4. ^^^ Agree with starryeyedjenn!
  5. yea i understand what your saying but i really need the money thats why i want to sell it
  6. maybe instead of selling it on ebay, try selling it on craigslist. ask them to send you a money order. no checks, credit cards (ie, paypal). tell them that you will send it to them once mo is received.
  7. Or even better- do cash sales with CL. They can call to verify the amount right in front of you, then you take the cash. Nice and easy. (Make sure to do it in a public place and have a friend, just in case).
  8. yea thats true but it really limits me to people i rather sell it on ebay and get more people to see it i have alot of merchandise credit because of all the bags i returned i do accept paypal is anybody here interested
  9. ^ NO selling or buying allowed outside of the MP.
  10. ahh i foresee this thread as being closed...
  11. I'm surprised it wasn't long ago, Veelyn!
  12. i know you want to sell it on ebay but you'll run a very high risk of losing money out of your pocket. you can't sell it here but also maybe you should try looking around livejournal. look for journals/communities where they talk about coach and im sure theres a high chance that they also sell/trade/etc coach products. plus, you wont have to deal with the ebay final value fees. you can use paypal with them from the coach communities and since it is not an ebay official transaction, there are no buyer protection policies. theres also no seller protection policies as well.

    let me know what you decide. if you want, i can fish around livejournal for some good coach communities for you.
  13. I like the CL idea too. Having the buyer right there to call and verify the amount.