Coach Meets Speedy

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  1. Guess Coach decided to cash in on the popularity of the LV speedy?

    coach speedy.jpg

    coach speedy 2.jpg
  2. eh..not a fan..i don't even think it looks like a speedy..more like a duffel bag IMO.
  3. Anybody see the Victoria's Secret speedy?
  4. yeah it's ugly
  5. The Coach fans were raving about it on the Coach subforum. So of course I had to go look at it in person. It has longer handles than the Speedy but it's not very nice in person, just looks like a duffle, as jill said.
  6. Not a fan. But then again, I'm not a Coach girl at all.

    What does the VS speedy look like??
  7. I agree with all of the above, not really a fan as it looks too much like a duffle. Thanks for posting the pics
  8. I actually like it - seems like I am in the minority. I saw something similar to it in the Coach outlet the other day - but it was just a royal blue - not the signature pattern. I like Coach and I like speedys so this bag is cute to me. But I am more fond of my LV speedy!
  9. I saw it in the window this week and thought, wow, Coach made a speedy. LOL.

    I think it's kinda cute.
  10. Not my thing. I like some Coach items like charms and some wristlets for practicality but many of their actual bags look better in the catalog/internet than in person.
  11. I rather like it :smile:
  12. I don't like it, it looks cheap. If you're going to buy a speedy how can you think of any other brand but LV?
  13. Not a fan..sorry but im not.
  14. Well, the speedy isn't exactly a "Louis Vuitton" thing. It may be one of the most popular LV shapes, but it's definitely not exclusive to them. It's really just a classic shape....a doctor's bag shape. Heck, I've even seen a picture of a similar shaped bag in a vintage photo of my great grandparents in China in the late 1800's.

    Think of the accessories pouch. How many companies have that? Pretty much ALL of them.

    Plus, just because it's not LV doesn't mean it's ugly. ;)