Coach Meet: Florida

  1. I searched the threads and couldn't find anywhere where you ladies met up at a Coach boutique, so would it be alright if I started one? :biggrin:

    I'm in Tampa and have never been to a boutique but plan to go by the end of this month in International Plaza. Anyone with me?
  2. That sounds like such a fun idea. I will be in Florida in a few weeks - but not close enough to Tampa to meet you. :O(

    (will be in Orlando for my daughter's Cheer Comp)...

    I bet you will have a lot of takers though.

    Have fun!
  3. That's like the cheerleading capital, right? Lol. Anyways, have fun! Hopefully I will have some takers. :biggrin:
  4. Well, I'd love to join you but I'll be snowed in here in South Dakota! LOL! But it sounds like lots of fun! If you get a group together post pics of your goodies for us!
  5. I'm in Orlando, FL, March 4-10... Just thought I would throw that out there...

    I know I'm just missing a few people that will be there as well...:smile:
  6. I live in FL, but about 4-5 hours from Tampa.
  7. Well, I'm thinking March 24th after noon. Any takers?
  8. I am in the area. But depending on the PCE I might have already bought out the whole boutique!! LOL.... What about around the time of PCE? I can't wait until the end of the month. BTW, I go there about 2-3 times a month. I LOVE the International Mall and COACH is rigt near Teavana!! My 2 favorite stores!!!
  9. Oh, I can't go around that time :sad: I haven't bought from a boutique yet, so I know I won't be able to participate. Plus I'm saving up to get my bag because I don't want to dip into any other money. Have fun and let me know when you post pics. Maybe one day soon we'll be able to meet up.
  10. In July when they had the PCE event I was just buying my 1st COACH they offered the discount to me!
  11. Cool. Is there a certain time frame you have to use the card in? Or is it whenever you go back?
  12. Certain time frame. I think a week.
  13. Ok. Well, I'm also waiting because I keep checking everyday to see if they have the Ergo Signature in the store but they don't yet :sad:. Hopefully by the time I go, they'll have it. Do you know if they can place a hold on it over the phone?
  14. :graucho: that's why you should go with someone who gets a card!! :biggrin:

    I'm pretty far away from tampa, down in west palm. :sad:
  15. Really? You think I can get in on the deal too?