Coach Medium zip around wallet

  1. Hi I wanted to know if anyone had any experience with this wallet. I haven't seen any reviews on it and before i took the plunge and buy it, I wanted to know what people had to say about it? I am looking at purchasing it in black. I really like the layout and originally wanted the LV old zippy compact wallet, that is similar but can't seem to get my hands on it. I linked the item below for reference. Any info is appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi MS.DIAZ, I have the LV OM Zippy Compact Wallet. This is my favorite wallet layout and the Coach version is laid out just like mine. I LOVE that I can open it and everything is open flat out and in my view. I think it's such a good wallet. When I discovered Coach made this they had it in the pink and burgundy willow print, so i ran and got the burgundy. I don't think you can go wrong with this one.
  3. I have it in burgundy and black, also the lv one. My favorite wallet. wish they would make in a soft pebble leather.
  4. I have a Coach Willow Floral Medium Zip Around - I like it, not huge like many of their wallets but still with plenty of slots for cards, money and change, the layout is great! I think it is the optimal size. The exterior of the Willow Floral is coated canvas but the interior is leather. I find it very good quality. The only negative is that some (but not all) of the cards are very tight in their slots when you have all the slots filled.
  5. I totally agree. I really like the style of this wallet but don't care for much for the cross grained leather. I'm wishing they would make a glovetanned leather one, either smooth or pebbled would do.
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  6. I too greatly dislike the crossgrain leather and won't buy it....much prefer pebbled leather or glovetanned.
    It's a texture thing.....
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  7. I agree about the crossgrain leather not being pleasing to the touch. Have you looked at the studded, medium sized, zip around wallet? They are made from pebble leather and are much more lovely to hold, and use. I got one in Chalk with silver studs, and I like it.
  8. I had not seen that one, will check it out..
  9. Purchased the new pebbled leather medium zip wallet, and love it. It is so much softer than the crossgrain one.
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