Coach Medium Signature Carly's @ Outlets?

  1. OMG!! This is my first ever post!! :yahoo:

    I was just wondering whether or not anyone has seen the black signature medium carly @ any outlets recently? Especially around the Seattle area. Thanks!
  2. No Carly's at the outlets yet that I'm aware of.
  3. No, I haven't seen a single Carly at the outlet mall...hmmm...
  4. I'll keep my good eye open since I am looking for one too;)
  5. If one did make it there it would be very rare - I would call the outlets near you and have them put your name on a list for that style. If one is returned to the outlet or they receive a store transfer they will hold it and call you. That's how I got my Legacy shoulder bag.
  6. I saw one camel leather carly a few months ago. I believe it was a return as the poor thing was there all by herself. Other than that, haven't seem any there.
  7. if it was at the outlet it would be because its a return...its still a HOT bag so it hasnt hit the outlets just yet.
  8. Dang if any of you gals see it at the outlets snag one for me! *puppy eyes*