Coach Maxene Boots - Search

  1. Hello! I'm on the hunt for the Coach Maxene boots in a size 6, in the cloud grey color. Does anyone have any idea if and where these still might be found? I have called coach and seems I am a bit late:sad:

  2. Since they are sold out of stores already, I think eBay might be your best bet. The grey color you are looking for is called Clay.
  3. you might want to call each and every store to locate one. i ordered a black pair on saturday and they came today. try calling the louisiana store. their no. is 504/833-0774
    good luck
  4. You dont have to call every store. Just ask one store to do an item locator all over the country, tell them to even give you the numbers that show they have only 1. sometimes the SAs get lazy and dont want to give you that number because there is a possibility they dont have it
  5. I have a paid size 8 in grey