Coach Manager is a newbie

  1. Hi everyone!
    Just wanted to say hi and let everyone know I have been reading all your post and I think they are wonderful. I have worked for Coach for almost 3 years now and its great to see all your enthusiasm about our company and products! I was introduced to this website by a customer of my mine who was so happy with our service at my store that she called me later to tell me that she was going to post about our great service on this site. So by nature I checked it out and I cant believe all the great posts! So I know I have seen a few SAs on here but I would just like to let you know I would be more than happy to answer questions for you guys. Hope all is well and all your March purchases are beautiful!!!!
  2. Welcome! :smile:
  3. Great to have you here!!
  4. Welcome!!!
  5. hi welcome!!!!!!
  6. i so had to go advanced on this one.


    i'm so glad you've chosen to check this place out! if you are a purse fanatic like the lot of us, you'll find this place enjoyable, and a good resource for opinions and answers to questions YOU might have! (or we might have for you muahaha)...

    i absolutely love coach, and although they may not be what i'm carrying at the moment, i will always and forever be a coach fanatic, first and formost.

    mama raised me good! lol!

    :wlae: please keep up the great work and welcome again!~:wlae:
  7. Hi!! Good to have you here :smile:
  8. welcome! i'm a new Coach fan, but in the past few months i've been obsessed and spent more $$ than i'd like to admit- and i can't wait to get more!
  9. Welcome! Glad you're here, the more the merrier!
  10. Welcome, glad to have another addition!! :yahoo:
  11. Welcome! we all might be bugging you with question.;)
  12. Hi! I am new here as well, but I have been Coach obsessed forever! I currently work in retail and am considering putting in my application to work at my local boutique! I think it would be so much fun to work for and represent a brand I already know and love. Any advice?
  13. welcome
  14. Welcome, I'm sure you'll love the forum. It will be fun to have someone who can obsess over purses AND answer our questions!
  15. Hi and welcome.
    its great your willing to take your work home with you and hang out with us!!