Coach Malli shoes!

  1. Hi All,
    Does anyone happen to know how old these shoes are? I purchased them at Nordstrom Rack yesterday. I am curious as to when they were in the stores, I don't know the style#
    Thanks in advance for any information. ;)
    Coach day 1.JPG shopping day 3.JPG
  2. don't know but they are very cute!!
  3. Not sure but I saw them at Off 5th a few weeks back. I ALMOST got them but had spent too much already!
  4. Thank you cherll! I thought they were cute & practical for me. :smile:
  5. Don't know, but they are super cute.
  6. I don't know either but they're VERY cute!!!
  7. I was at Nord's Rack today and I saw those shoes! They were $75. I thought why spend $75 when the newer ones that are cuter are $88?!