Coach Malaysia

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  1. Hello fellow coachies!

    I didn't see any posts related to Coach Malaysia, so, i feel like i'm obligated to start it off as to show my passion for Coach, or in other words - addiction! :biggrin:

    So, please feel free to post any news regarding sales, new collections launch, and whatever related matters to Coach Malaysia..
    or we can just chat too, no strings attached, no restrictions, open to everybody outside malaysia too!

    Let spread the joy, shall we! :P
  2. First news..

    I know this is late, but better late than never!
    I would like to apologize to everybody because I have really forgotten to inform you about the most important news in the world (besides the sudden death of MJ, of course).
    (Thank god if you are already aware about it :P )
    But just in case you haven't, then here's the scoop.

    The sale has actually started on the 28th May 2009.
    Don't panic, it's not over yet, as it is extending until 1st August 2009.
    And no, not all sales items are gone yet silly.. they're plenty more in store!
    In fact, I was very surprised because last week, they actually put up a whole bunch of different collections for sale..
    I mean, during the first month of the sale, it was only the Penelope, Leah and Zoe Collection that were put up as 30% and 50% off.
    But, last week, the Cricket, Parker and Bonnie Collection were on the shelf !! Yahooo!!!

    Without further delay, here are some of the pictures that I managed to snap in Coach KLCC boutique (thanks to Joe - my favourite SA for letting me snap some pics! :winkiss: )

    Here's the Cricket Collection, leather and very lightweight!
    About RM1000 after 30% discount!

    Here's the patent leather tote (pink, silver and navy blue), super lightweight too, also about RM1000 after 50% discount!
    The legacy satchel on most left, is also 50% off, but price is different. This beauty is at RM1600 after cut-off..

    And these Zoes (pink, silver), RM1250 after 50% discounts!

    The lovely Bonnie collection, about RM1000 after 30% discounts.

    Gorgeous swingpacks, less than RM1000 after 30% discounts.

    There're more actually, the wallets, wristlets, mini skinnies, coins purse and men's wallet too.
    Like this gorgeous embossed signature leather bifold wallet, I bought for my dad for about RM400.

    So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get yourself there!
  3. Apart from the Coach sale news, here's the update on the new collection in store.

    There's the new colour added to the Madison Collection, the Op Art Green/ Grey and Leather Ginger.
    There's also the new Maggie Collection that comes in Curry, Grey, Brown and patent Graphite.

    And here's the most talk about collection, the Poppy range.
    It is actually the cheapest of all other collections, I must say. These bags retailed below RM1300.
    I believe Coach made this collection for the younger group (and hey, don't exclude the young-at-heart too! haha :blush: )



    Oppss.. sorry coz I forgot to take pictures of the new fabulous Clover and Gramercy Collections..
    Oh well, now you have a valid reason to go visit the Coach Boutique, don't you think so? hehe.. :graucho:
  4. I like that bag on far left.. It so mot fair you have Coach;s boutique sale over there..

    I like your signature by the way.. Next bag maybe paten cobalt Sabrina??
  5. i wish too.. but kinda hard to get that cheap on ebay..i think maybe i'll settle for one of those MFF new blue tote.. it does have that 'softer' to the eyes price tag too.. iykwim..:graucho:
  6. Jelita, some sale prices are about the same with some online sellers that mail to Msia. But I wonder if the sale items has bullet marks in it and is it still qualified for after sale service in-case needed, because I know that they won't help you, if your bags have the bullet mark inside.

    Great pics. TIA
  7. only the bags that are bought in malaysia coach boutique are the ones available for after sales support at the boutiques here..
    coach malaysia actually keep all the serial numbers of the bags brought into the local market, so, you no need to worry about loosing the receipt and you can't cheat them with items bought abroad either..
  8. Thanks for the great photos! I'm nowhere near Malaysia, but it's nice to see what's available there. A couple of those colors were never sold in North America.
  9. oh that is because we get our stock from the coach japan so, yeah, we mostly have the japan collection here too.. :graucho:
  10. I LOVE THIS TREAD... It is great.... I am in America but I love to hear about others and Coach around the world
  11. oh my god!!
    this has just came in!
    latest news!!
    my favourite SA, Joe from Coach KLCC called me at 11am today, to inform that starting today - Saturday 25th July 2009, all items on Coach clearance have been marked down to more discounts!!
    so those that were 30% are now 50%!! and more items are being brought onto the shelves as we speak!! (i mean, as i am typing this post!! )
    quick! sales ends 1st august!
  12. hmm Are you buying anything?
  13. don't ask me that!!
    i can't even think straight right now!
    this is sooooooooo complicated!
    it's like harder than my 4th year engineering maths !!
  14. hahah wowo buy it not and return later..
  15. get the large spotlight bag!!! LOL