Coach makes Super Umbrellas!

  1. :sweatdrop: Yesterday was REALLY rainy here in the Boston area so I was excited to take out my new Legacy Stripe Umbrella I just got. I was worried tho because I have lost MANY umbrellas to the Boston wind tunnels and, well, this is a friggin 88 dollar umbrella! So I leave work and walk down to the T, playing that fun game of "Try to Aim your Umbrella in the Right Way or Else it's Gonna Get Flipped" Ahh one of my favorite games. =P Needless to say I lost and my umbrella flipped 3 TIMES, the last time was at the very end of the wind tunnel to where it was flipped but suddenly there was no wind to flip it back so I had to put the damn thing between my legs and manually reflip all the prongs. But after all that and all my worry, this super Coach umbrella popped back into place and still looks good as new! I dunno, I was just so shocked that I finally found an umbrella that doesn't get destroyed day 1. Thank you Coach!!
  2. Awesome news! I live in Cleveland where it rains and slushes all the time except July and even then you never really escape. I always wanted to get one, but thought the same thing "this is an $88 umbrella - what if it breaks". I guess I will be going at lunch to get one for the soccer games coming up! :yes:
  3. It's great! I dunno how many more flips it has but I was SO RELIEVED. The only thing I see wrong with it it the handle isn't really tight and wobbles jussst a little bit but thats' no problem at all. =D
  4. Does coach stand behind their umbrellas for the life of the umbrella too? OR would that be too good to be true....
  5. That is so awesome, everyone at work is making fun of me for wanting to spend that much on an umbrella but now I am convinced it is worth it. I have to go out and get one.
  6. Yeah I'm wondering if any other Coach Umbrella users here can say the same for theirs? It would be nice to hear that all their umbrellas are super duper! =D
  7. Would coach repair it?
  8. Gosh I dunno. Might call and ask actually..
  9. Good to hear it survived! All of my umbrellas end up breaking from the wind. My current one, which is my favorite that I got at Marshalls for like 10 bucks, fell victim to the wind early in its life. Luckily it still works. Just one of the arms is bent a little. I love the Ergo Scarf print umbrella, but I don't know if I would pay more than $30 for it.
  10. I LOVE my scarf print umbrella!!!! I just got it recently and it is so well made!!! Really sturdy, beautifully stitched together, and it dries really fast!!!! Like lightning fast I dunno why but most of my umbrealls stay wet all day this one within 20 minutes DRY! I haven't braved the winds but so far so good!!! Would be interesting to know if they are backed by coach!
  11. I'm thinking that they do. I was in the store one day and a lady brought in an older one that she had some type of problem with (I was nosy but not that nosy) and they let her exchange it out for a new one.
  12. I just saw your umbrella in a fashion magazine, I swear it was this week. This month's "Glamour" I think.
    Great purchase, so nice to know even their umbrellas are superb! :yes:
  13. I have a black Coach compact umbrella with the white outline signature (like the b&w scarf below)


    and I LOVE it. Very durable, pretty, and sturdy. I'm very happy with it. I like having a black umbrella because it does not show dirt, and umbrellas that get set on the wet floor of the train can get pretty dirty.
  14. Wow that's great! Wel I don't have the recipt anymore =\ But I certainly hope I could exchange it if it broke on me!
  15. this is very good news, i am glad that the umbrellas can withstand new england weather, i will look into getting one now.