Coach makes a great icebreaker!


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Dec 18, 2009
Today I was introduced to an out-of-town client who was visiting our office and I immediately noticed that she was carrying a black leather bleeker bag decorated with a coach ponytail scarf! I commented on her beautiful bag and she showed me the tatersall lining and said that she had purchased it at her local outlet store. I showed her my new bleeker wallet that is a perfect match for her bag and told her that I recently purchased it at our nearby outlet.

She said "I didn't know that there's a Coach outlet near here!" I said "yes, and the outlets are having a 20% off sale through January 31st." She replied "I'm staying here with my sister through the 31st!" I gave her directions to the outlet and printed out the 20% off coupon for her and her sister and then we got down to business!

Here are pictures of her beautiful bag and of my new wallet (not my auctions!)
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Jan 3, 2010
NICE!! Whenever business visitors hint that they like to shop or have some free time while in town, I always direct them to Prime Outlets in Pleasant Prairie because it's the closest outlet to my workplace. I'm not yet skilled enough to know all of the styles "in the wild" but I do like to bond over Coach!


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Jan 29, 2009
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^^ That's a fun story! I'll bet she was thrilled! Plus flattery is always the best way to make a great first impression.