Coach make-up???opinions welcome

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  1. Woah! I never knew coach did makeup now!! I haven't seen it sorry! But would be interested to know if its any good!
  2. The only thing I know is the lipstick is really moisturizing, it has sweet almond oil in it :smile:
  3. I think I heard that it is made by estee lauder? Or at least the makeup used to made by estee lauder:shrugs: I want to buy some of this powder though..
  4. I've heard that the perfume is made by Estee Lauder-which must explain why I can wear it. I have trouble with perfume but Estee Lauder brands do well with my body chemistry. I tried the shimmer powder & it was pretty-I had to try it with cotton b/c the brush was missing from the sample. I figure it will probably look even better correctly applied. Its got a light texture. Or maybe I didn't use much? :p I'm asking for some for Christmas. Haven't tried the lipsticks as I usually gravitate towards lighter colors.
  5. i asked my SA about the shimmer powder and she said that it's only good for people with really light colored skin because it only comes in that one color and otherwise you look kind of pastey when you put it on
  6. ^^^ One tip I have is that if you use regular bronzing powder that's closer to your skintone you can brush some of the shimmer powder over it to give your skin a little least it works for me! I've gotten compliments on it :smile:
  7. Oooh! I've been wondering this, too. The shimmer powder looks so pretty.
  8. Yea I did hear that Estee Lauder makes it also.
  9. Seems like a pretty decent price. I would try it out and see.