coach maggie midnight blue/silver any problems with fading ?thanks

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  1. i just ordered my maggie in midnight blue/silver. I wonder how durable is this metallic finish? is the leather prone to fading and scratch? Can apple leather can be applied to this finish?thanks
  2. If it is anything like the black maggies, which are also shiny, it should hold up just fine.
    I do not know about cleaning it. I have heard not to use Coach cleaner on anything, LOL!
  3. I have the midnight maggie and have been carrying her for about 4 weeks....the leather has really softened up and no fading whatsoever. I have noticed a couple of scratches (if you can call them that). they're only visible when the light hits the bag a certain way and is more of a surface scratch then a deep scratch if that makes any sense.
  4. thanks for the input. I really love this color.