Coach Magazine Tote vs. New Coach Ergo Tote

  1. Hello ladies,
    I got my invitation to the PCE event, and I am trying to decide between the new Ergo Magazine Tote (in plum or black) or the slightly smaller new Ergo Tote (in black). I already own the large Ergo tote in turquoise from last season, but I need a bag that will be better (and smaller) for everyday use. Which one do you recommend?

    Also, do you recommend plum or black, if I go with the Ergo Magazine tote?

    I eagerly await your input and advice! Thank you so much!
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    Well, since I haven't seen either one in person, I figured that I would ask for advice from people who know these bags. I thought that is what the Purse Forum is for......
  4. Dont worry. This person is a troll and causing problems all over Coach. We are working on this problem. Enjoy your thread and....:dftt:
  5. How am I causing problems? I said sorry for calling that girls bf a d***.
  6. Thank you, ranskimmie. I was rather taken aback by that first response that has now been xxx'd out. I have always had kind replies to my posts on the Purse Forum. So, that judgmental comment really surprised me!

    I look forward to hearing from those of you who know the magazine tote and the new small ergo bag. Thank you!
  7. No problem. Not to worry we get these creeps in here every once in a while. They like to cause problems for a while. But we get it taken care of.
  8. Hi there!

    I actually purchased the magazine tote in Plum, and so far, I love it. However, I've noticed that the lighter colors in this line seem to scratch easily...I was debating between the Plum and Tobacco. The Plum is a really rich color - looks almost burgundy. But, since you already have a bag in a lighter color, why not go for the black?
  9. I love the magazine tote in plum==have seen it but don't own it--but if you're looking for an everyday bag, maybe the medium ergo would be best? Good luck
  10. ^^ SuLi - Could you post pictures of your plum magazine tote? And modeling pics? :smile: I would love to see this bag IRL but it's not available here...
  11. SuLi,
    It would be GREAT if you could post pictures of your plum magazine tote. I would love to see this bag since I'm leaning towards a purchase, but haven't seen it in person.


  12. I'm torn between these two bags also. They are both great! I'm leaning toward the Ergo tote after trying both on because it was more comfortable without the hardware. But I love the look of the magazine tote, especially in plum!
  13. Wow...the Plum Ergo is yummy!!!! I would say it depends on what you like. Do you like bigger bags?? I personally do, so I'd go w/ the magazine Ergo in Plum. But if you don't need all of that space, then go w/ the medium. But as far as color...Plum is gorgeous. Good luck and definitely post pics when you get what you've decided on!
  14. I will try to post a picture tonight...I have been extremely busy lately.

    I will start a separate thread for it. For some reason, none of the stores in the DC Metro area carry the magazine tote, so I went to the store just to determine the color. The shipping was fast - I ordered it on a Sunday and received it on Wednesday.

    So far, I really like the tote - a huge change for me since I normally carry much larger bags. It's actually not as large as you would think. I would say that it is equivalent in size to the regular Ergo totes, but flat. I was actually expecting it to be as large as the YSL Tribute tote (the larger one if anyone is familiar with it). But, the tote fits my LV agenda, a small book and umbrella, keys, my cell phone and Blackberry. I don't think there is much room for anything else.
  15. SuLi - Thanks, can't wait to see your photos! Appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule. For some reason the website says the size is like 12L x 19Hx 1.5D. But if yours is about the size as the regular ergo tote then that makes me happy cuz 19"H is VERY TALL (i'm picturing tall like the Gigi)!