Coach Madison North South Satchel... help me decide ( ", )


Oct 14, 2010
hi everyone! need help... i am thinkin (very hard) if I should go ahead and do a chargehold for the Chestnut color... i saw it last saturday... love the color but i opted to get 3 other bags instead... does anyone have this bag? should i go for it? thanks!
Jun 15, 2009
yup! i am tryin to check my collection... my only brown colors are Willis in British Tan, Lindsey in Cappucino, Weekender in Fawn, MSB in Mahogany, Caroline in Espresso Mixed, Bronze Croc , Woven Laila in Cacao, Laila in Ocelot Haircalf, Hampton Lindsey in Espresso... ugh!!!
Get it honey. If u need pic of my blck let me know. I will post! Plsssss do CH incase they chnge in the morning