Coach madison christie saffiano ! Please share

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  2. I tried it on in the store, I like it. It's a little on the larger side (which being structured, you can tell more). If I were to get it, I like the navy that is due to come out soon.
  3. I've been looking for a basic but nice black crossbody bag that can fit A4 folders for a very long time. I actually bought one from a different brand, then saw the pictures of the the Christie in the Spring preview thread and on the Coach website and decided to try and wait for the Christie instead (so returned the bag I bought).

    I will need to have a look at it in the store though, check that it does fit A4 folders, and decide how much I like it... And if I really like it and want to get it, I will need to have a good think about whether I want to buy it FP in the UK (which is 1.6X that of FP in the US!), wait until Harrods has a 10% off weekend (may not be for a while though), or get it off ebay in a few months' time...
  4. Thank you i am looking for a large everyday purse, is the red a true red? and what color of hardware is the navy blue?:biggrin:

  5. Love red is more of a coral red, not a true red. And the navy has light gold hardware.
  6. I think the new Navy saffiano is pretty; I'm sure the Madison Christie carryall in Navy will be great. The black is nice. I'm not wild about tan or Love Red but that's just personal preference.