Coach madison carryall in khaki/rose

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  1. I am debating on getting the Coach Madison Carryall in the Khaki/Rose what do you ladies think of this color combo? Is it a good everyday bag it has the pink but it's not like its an all over pink..I think this color combo is soo cute!!
    Will the khaki color be easy to maintain and not get dirty? I heard they have the signature cleaner so that would help. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated thanks.



  2. I saw it earlier at Macy's she is too cute!!!
  3. hubby says the pink looks like a young girls purse... err but I love the pink
  4. I would wear it for an everyday bag but personally I do not care about perfectly matching my bags to my outfits. I couldn't really see that handbag clashing with anything though. I think the pink looks amazing with the khaki and I adore that shape. I would totally go for it. I have a fabric Op Art bag and it hasn't gotten dirty at all but I haven't had it for long so I can't really advise on that. You can always get the cleaner at the outlet or FP store if it does get dirty though. I adore though I would get it if I were you!
  5. ^Thank you :smile:
  6. I have seen this combo in the Audrey and I did not like the contrast...

    I have this bag in the Wallet and I love the bag...
  7. I think it is gorgeous! In my experience, sometimes wearing an 'unexpected-unmatchy' colour in your accessories really makes an don't worry about matching things! Just enjoy wearing the purse that makes your feel great!
  8. Thanks I am really thinking of getting this! I saw it in person last night I was like OMG I love it.. I am a pink fanatic!
  9. I love it. I say, if you love it, then go for it.
  10. I think it's a sweet combo.

    I would also worry about the fabric...but if you're easy on your bags, you'll probably be fine!
  11. I have a Bleeker in khaki siganture and was terrified about what I would do to her, but I've been carryinbg her pretty much every weekend for a year and she's still perfect. I would not worry about the color -- it's been a non-issue for me.

    The only caveat I'd make is that Ii don't wear jeans often. If you do, I might avoid the khaki siganture because darker jeans have been known to rub color off on the bags.
  12. I also like it. If you like it, that's all that matters!!
  13. I think its a great looking bag and the color is super..... go for it.